Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the 1.89 million crewmen and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat.

Seafarers are responsible for transporting over 90% of the world’s goods and fuels

About us

Collectively there are an estimated 1.89m seafarers across the world operating on 74,000 ships. These men and women of all nationalities, spend up to nine months at sea, far from families, friends and loved ones.

With a history dating back to 1836, The Mission to Seafarers supports the men and women working at sea when they need us most, as they experience loneliness and mental health issues, combined with limited access to internet onboard ships. We have over 200+ ports in 50 countries, operating day and night, 365 days a year.

Help us to help these essential key workers – who bring more than 90% of our goods and fuels – in a variety of ways, from donating online, corporate support or volunteering.

News & Resources

Keep up to date with what's happening with our fund raising activities and other events. Stay connected and in the know, with these helpful and highly useful resources. Here you will be able to find and download any of our resources including Prayer Dairies & Lenten Reflections ​and other publications.

Contact Us

Find out who and how to get a hold of people within our organisation. Simply drop the relevant person an email or call.


The Mission to Seafarers in Africa has Flying Angel centres in the major South African ports (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Saldanha Bay, Durban and Richards Bay), Walvis Bay, Mombasa, Lagos, Liberia and Dar Es Salaam. Take a look at what each station has to offer and who you can contact.

Help us help the Seafarers

How to help

There are many ways to make a difference with Mission to Seafarers. You can volunteer your time and skills, explore corporate partnerships, contribute to the Flying Angel Campaign 2023, make a donation, or consider including us in your will. By working together, we can support seafarers around the world and ensure their well-being as they face the challenges of life at sea. Your participation is essential to the success of our mission and can have a lasting impact on those who depend on our support.

Introducing our new app

Free of charge, and packed with features, our app is designed for seafarers. Check yourself into a port in just a single tap, download the latest resources and news, make a request, chat to a chaplain, fill in our survey, and more.

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